• Requirement for Development of Whole-process Mechanization of Oil Crop Production

Requirement for Development of Whole-process Mechanization of Oil Crop Production

In terms of oil crops, arrangements have been made for soybeans, rapeseed, peanuts, etc. First, to overcome difficulties and do a good job of mechanizing the ribbon-shaped compound planting of soybeans and corn. It is necessary to implement the main responsibility for the guarantee of soybean and corn belt composite planting equipment, coordinate agricultural machinery and agronomy experts to determine the appropriate local technical model and mechanized technical route, and formulate a detailed equipment guarantee work plan. Adopt methods such as the purchase of new machines, the modification of old machines, and the development of machines and tools, increase the selection and supply of special equipment for compound planting, plant protection, harvesting, etc., strengthen technical training and guidance, and effectively improve the mechanization level of compound planting throughout the process to ensure high quality Complete the task of guaranteeing compound planting equipment. 


The second is to take multiple measures to develop the mechanization of rapeseed production. Strengthen the demonstration application of double-low, multi-resistance, short growth period, suitable mechanization of rapeseed and corresponding equipment and supporting technologies, establish a number of rapeseed production agricultural machinery and agronomic integration demonstration areas, and promote a number of "double-high" models with high yield and high level of mechanization. . Increase the demonstration of equipment technology such as machine seeding, transplanting, and aerial seeding, promote the technical model of sectional and combined harvesting according to local conditions, speed up the improvement of the mechanization of sowing and harvesting, and improve the level of mechanization in the whole process of rapeseed production. The third is to do everything possible to promote the mechanization of peanut production. Promote the mechanized and high-yield technology model of peanut ridge planting, explore the mechanized technology model of flat land planting, vigorously develop mechanical equipment for peanut sowing, harvesting, shelling and other links, and improve the mechanization level of peanut production throughout the process. Strengthen the research on the integration of agricultural machinery and agronomy, and build a demonstration area for the integration of suitable peanut varieties, supporting machinery and agronomic technologies. In the harvesting process, according to local conditions, demonstration and promotion of segmented harvesting and combined harvesting machinery and equipment will improve the level of peanut harvesting mechanization.


Post time: Apr-02-2022