• Paddy Cleaner

Paddy Cleaner

  • TQLM Rotary Cleaning Machine

    TQLM Rotary Cleaning Machine

    TQLM Series rotary cleaning machine is used to remove the big, small and light impurities in the grains. It can adjust the rotary speed and the weight of the balance blocks according to removing requests of different materials. 

  • TCQY Drum Pre-Cleaner

    TCQY Drum Pre-Cleaner

    TCQY series drum type pre-cleaner is designed to clean raw grains in rice milling plant and feedstuff plant, mainly removing the large impurities such as stalk, clods, fragments of a brick and stone so as to ensure the quality of material and prevent the equipment from be damaged or fault, which has high efficiency in cleaning paddy, corn, soybean, wheat, sorghum and other types of grains. 

  • TQLZ Vibration Cleaner

    TQLZ Vibration Cleaner

    TQLZ Series vibrating cleaner, also called vibrating cleaning sieve, can be widely used in the initial processing of rice, flour, fodder, oil and other food. It is generally erected in paddy cleaning procedure to remove large, small and light impurities. By equipped with different sieves with different meshes, the vibrating cleaner can classify the rice according to its size and then we can get the products with different sizes. 

  • TZQY/QSX Combined Cleaner

    TZQY/QSX Combined Cleaner

    TZQY/QSX series combined cleaner, including pre-cleaning and destoning, is a combined machine applicable to remove all kinds of impurities and stones in the raw grains. This combined cleaner is combined by TCQY cylinder pre-cleaner and TQSX destoner, with features of simple structure, new design, small footprint, stable running, low noise and less consumption, easy to install and convenient to operate, etc.. It is an ideal equipment to remove large & small impurities and stones from paddy or wheat for small scale rice processing and flour mill plant.