• Rice Grader

Rice Grader

  • MMJX Rotary Rice Grader Machine

    MMJX Rotary Rice Grader Machine

    MMJX Series Rotary Rice Grader Machine utilize the different size of of rice particle to sort out the whole meter, general meter, large broken, small broken through the sieve plate with different diameter hole continuous screening, to achieve different white rice classification. This machine is mainly consist of feeding and leveling device, rack, sieve section, lifting rope. Unique sieve of this MMJX rotary rice grader machine increases grading area and improve the fineness of products.

  • MDJY Length Grader

    MDJY Length Grader

    MDJY series length grader is a rice grade refined selecting machine, also called length classificator or broken-rice refined separating machine, is a professional machine to sort and grade the white rice, is good equipment for separating the broken rice from the head rice. Meanwhile, the machine can remove barnyard millet and the grains of tiny round stones which are almost as wide as rice. The length grader is used in the last process of rice processing line. It can be used to grade other grains or cereals, too.

  • MJP Rice Grader

    MJP Rice Grader

    MJP type horizontal rotating rice classifying sieve is mainly used for classifying the rice in the rice processing. It uses the difference of the broken rice the whole rice type to conduct overlapping rotation and pushing forward with friction in order to form automatic classification, and separate the broken rice and the whole rice through continuous sieving of the appropriate 3-layer sieve faces. The equipment possesses the characteristics of the compact structure, stable running, excellent technical performance and convenient maintenance and operation, etc. It is also applicable to the separation for the similar granular materials.

  • MMJP series White Rice Grader

    MMJP series White Rice Grader

    By absorbing international advanced technology, MMJP white rice grader is designed for white rice grading in rice milling plant. It is a new generation grading equipment. 

  • MMJM Series White Rice Grader

    MMJM Series White Rice Grader

    1. Compact construction, steady running, good cleaning effect;

    2. Small noise, low power consumption and high output;

    3. Steady feeding flow in feeding box, stuff can be distributed even in width direction. The movement of sieve box is three tracks;

    4. It has strong adaptability for different grain with impurities.

  • MMJP Rice Grader

    MMJP Rice Grader

    MMJP Series White Rice Grader is new upgraded product, with different dimensions for kernels, through different diameters of perforated screens with reciprocating movement, separates whole rice, head rice, broken and small broken so as to achieve its function. It’s the main equipment in rice processing of rice milling plant, in the meantime, also has effect to separation of rice varieties, after that, rice can be separated by indented cylinder, in general.

  • HS Thickness Grader

    HS Thickness Grader

    HS series thickness grader applies mainly to remove immature kernels from brown rice in rice processing, it classify the brown rice as per sizes of thickness; The non-matured and broken grains can be separated effectively, to be more helpful for later processing and improve the rice processing effect greatly.